IC2MP  Laboratory

General presentation

IC2MP is a joint laboratory between the CNRS and the University of Poitiers gathering 110 permanent researchers, an administrative and engineering staff of 50 peoples and about 120 PhD, postdoc, Masters and invited professors. IC2MP is an interdisciplinary chemistry institute with scientists investigating (1) the design of clean processes and (2) the transfer and bioaccumulation mechanisms of organic molecules in eco-systems. Hence, IC2MP is a unique laboratory capable of determining the sustainability of a process in a large part of the chain value. It is composed of five research teams working in heterogeneously-catalyzed reactions, assisted catalysis, catalytic surface characterization, organic chemistry, minerals and clays and water. Main applications of research concern the catalytic conversion of biomass to fine chemicals, smart use of fossils for energy and commodities, CO2 activation, transfer mechanism of organic molecules in eco-systems and materials. 

IC2MP is at the heart of the creation of INCREASE. Particularly, IC2MP brings to INCREASE its scientific expertise in the field of non-thermal technologies (non-thermal atmospheric plasma, ultrasound, electrochemistry, microwaves) and alternative media for the catalytic conversion of renewable polyols (carbohydrates, glycerol, cellulose) to bio-based organic building blocks such as glucans, furanic derivatives, ketones and carboxylic acids. In all these topics, upstream researches conducted at IC2MP aims at improving profitability through increase of reaction yield, decrease of reaction times and the reduction of solvent waste.

Investigated works in line with the scientific strategy of INCREASE

Within the scope of INCREASE, IC2MP investigates the design of sustainable processes capable of (1) activating/converting cellulose at low temperature and (2) converting concentrated feeds of polyols (carbohydrates, glycerol) to organic building blocks.

In this context, three strategies are investigated:

  • The coupling of catalysis to non-thermal technologies
  • The search of alternative media for catalysis
  • Bifunctional catalysis

These works at the border of homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis aims at facilitating the emergence of safer chemicals (surfactants, solvents, monomers, thickening agents, etc.). Catalysis in biphasic media, solvation of catalytic sites and dispersion of catalysts in polar media are at the heart of researches. 

Main investigated reactions are:

  • Selective production of oligosaccharides from cellulose or monosaccharides
  • Catalytic conversion of carbohydrates to dicarbonylated products via the furanic platform
  • Selective functionalization of polyols (carbohydrates, glycerol)

Director IC2MP: Sabine Petit (DR CNRS) E-mail: sabine.petit@univ-poitiers.fr

Representing IC2MP at the executive board of INCREASE: Karine De Oliveira Vigier (Associate Professor).
E-mail: karine.vigier@univ-poitiers.fr

Webpage: http://ic2mp.labo.univ-poitiers.fr/en/

Selective publication in line with INCREASE

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