INCREASE, a new model of public/private partnering ...

INCREASE is a public/private research network hosted by the CNRS (FR CNRS 3707).

The International Consortium on Eco-conception and renewable resources (INCREASE) is  a public/private research network hosted by the CNRS (FR CNRS 3707) where academic and industrial partners work together to tackle scientific hurdles and to jointly create an intellectual property roadmap.
This public/private partnership should accelerate the commercialization of sustainable and safe chemicals to satisfy the need of our society to limit its impact on the Planet. 

Projects developed within the framework of INCREASE involve about 100 personnel including researchers, engineers, technicians, PhD and postdocs. 
The scientific strategy of INCREASE covers the development of cutting-edge technologies (non-thermal atmospheric plasma, milling, ultrasound, electrochemistry, microwaves, photochemistry, etc.) for production of organic-building blocks from non-edible resources.

Key words are : research, network, valorization, mundialisation, education.